Four letter words and fishing for men

Every evangelist thrives on the rush of adrenaline that comes with the gusting wind of the Holy Spirit snaps our sails and suddenly we are moving toward the fish God is prepared for us to catch.

I recently went into a shop and saw a young lady. I immediately felt the love of Jesus crash over my soul and I smiled!  I began to pray because 2 Corinthians 4:4 says, “The god of this age (the devil) has blinded their hearts and minds from receiving the true light of the gospel.”  I bind the enemy from influencing her and I call on the Lord to release Holy Spirit to declare Jesus Christ and lead and guide her into all truth!  

I feel His pleasure as I ask Him to draw her to Jesus!  He began to radiate His pleasure in this precious one He created.  I sensed Him picking her up on His lap and before I knew it, her story began to unfold and Jesus and I were doing my favourite thing in the whole world-fishing!

Laced within her story, we’re gorgeous F-bombs, S-bombs and other four letter words.  I could feel my Father beaming with joy over her value, nodding His appreciation over His handiwork, nodding as if to say, “Do you see her?  Isn’t she amazing?”  To which my soul nods in smiling agreement, “Oh Yeah!” and like any true fisherman, I added, “She’s a beauty!”


Soon she begins asking me all about God and how she can know Jesus. She’d been googling how to “Do this God thing right. After all, it’s like a marriage!” She said, “This is a lifetime commitment, ya know!?!”  

Ya, I did know. It was at lifetime commitment that caused me to keep my sails up and ready, because my God turns fish into sheep and sheep into lions.  But always – the fish come first!

She continue to talk and her speech continue to be peppered with still more four lettered words – my favourite words!  $&@#!  

You see, when you’re catching a fish and it’s coming out of its life in the water it gasps as it changes environments and atmospheres. It’s body flips, flops and fights indicating it’s need saying, “Help, I need something here, something is wrong! I’m hurting, I’m dying!”

The four letter words are indicators of what is impacting them as they enter the atmosphere change of our God’s affirming, loving and peaceful presence. They are safe enough to indicate their struggle and that they are simply fighting for life. The authenticity in their language shows me where the Holy Spirit wants to touch, restore, forgive, heal or change. He releases His wisdom and declares who Christ is and can be in their life because He intends to release love into their gasping and desperate being.

In only moments, when they surrender to being caught in the loving nets of Christ – they are changed into sheep by the Lord and they soon breathe with new life in the atmosphere they were meant to as sheep!

He loves fish, He loves sheep and has destined even these gasping, four letter word spewing fishies to one day become a glorious lions who will expand His territory through his authority, power and love to other gasping and writhing fish. They will stand there one day with the Lord like I am, smiling and saying like a true fisherman “Yeah! She’s a beauty!”

I love fishing!  So does He!  What a day!


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